• Process Overview

    Powering Next Generation Private Capital Markets

  • Initial Review

    Powering Next Generation Private Capital Markets

  • Due Diligence

    Powering Next Generation Private Capital Markets

  • Distribution

    Powering Next Generation Private Capital Markets

  • Investment Process

    Powering Next Generation Private Capital Markets

Process Overview

  • One Platform Continuous Deal Flow
  • OfferBoard connects quality transactions with quality investors; both of which have undergone an initial vetting and review process. The OfferBoard Method takes the standard, laborious capital raise/deployment process and creates a highly efficient mechanism using technology, standardization and automation; increasing distribution and success.
Every step of the process is designed to reduce time and effort, thereby expediting the funding process when a good fit is realized.

Issuer Onboarding

OfferBoard encourages companies to apply for listing and initial review to determine if OfferBoard is the best fit for their capital raise. Issuers are taken through a rigorous vetting process to make sure that they meet our investment criteria and the highest standards of FINRA mandated due diligence.

Investor Onboarding

As with Issuers, Investors must register and be vetted for compliance, suitability and performance. While OfferBoard encourages all accredited Investors and Institutions world-wide to become OfferBoard registered investors, investors will be subject to follow-up vetting as required by compliance, regulation and/or issuers.

Investment Banking Instrument/Process

As part of OfferBoard’s service, an investment banker (sponsor) will be assigned to each project and assist in the identification of the best financial instrument to use/pursue. Options might include equity or debt, a hybrid of both or a completely different and customized approach. The process is similar to a traditional capital raise except bolstered and empowered by the advanced technology of OfferBoard.
Proper due diligence and full documentation is still required (example: Investor presentation, private placement memorandum and independently reviewed financials).


The power of OfferBoard is found in its global reach. The moment that an Issuer’s deal is seen by the investor in West Texas, Oklahoma, or Houston, it’s also seen in New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore thanks to the JOBS Act of 2012. Through the use of both technology and personal touch, investors all over the world have begun looking to OfferBoard as a premier source for capital deployment. Our global distribution network has been developed over years of hard work and combines the relationships of our world-wide team to reach out to our network of institutional and accredited Investors.


OfferBoard is the only 506c platform with a specialized and focused concentration in energy and infrastructure. We are proud to have an industry vertical specialty, a dedicated Placement Agent service, and one of the largest accredited Investor databases in the industry.

Initial Review & Engagement


Issuers introduce a transaction for initial review, vetting, and acceptance. The capital raise transaction must meet the established criteria standards of OfferBoard. Upon agreement, Issuer engages Entoro Securities (OfferBoard Broker Dealer) in a standard investment banking agreement.

Due Diligence, Preparation & Packaging


Issuers will be required to go through a demanding OfferBoard Due Diligence process to best prepare and package the transaction in order to be truly investment-ready. Through the execution of the OfferBoard Method, preparation and packaging creates the type of consistency and data quality that our investors expect.

Distribution & Marketing


The placement and marketing of a transaction on OfferBoard is based on its market segment and/or underlying capital need/instrument. For each transaction, OfferBoard’s built-in workflows signal only the most appropriate investors according to their capital deployment preferences. It’s the purposeful pairing of synergistic investment approaches between Issuer and Investor that makes OfferBoard the magical platform that it is. Many deals will have built-in audiences while others will require full scale domestic and/or international processes. Either way, OfferBoard creates exponentially more exposure for Issuers and opportunity for Investors than any other traditional investment banking vehicle.



OfferBoard manages the entire process from initial review to escrow and funding. Our investment bankers (your sponsor) bring a white glove approach that takes burdensome responsibilities off of your shoulders so that you can focus on your core business.

  • Initial Interest

    OfferBoard’s continuous distribution and global marketing of quality deals/projects is designed to create a book of interested and motivated Investors. The investment banker works with potential Issuers & Investors to develop the best structure and game plan.

  • Negotiations

    Dynamic processes create win-win transaction strategies for a successful project. All efforts are expended to match Issuer with the right Investor group and make any modifications to the original offer.

  • Definitive Documents

    Upon conclusion of negotiations, the OfferBoard team works with both Issuer and Investor to convert the offering documents into definitive documents ready for approval and signature.

  • Filings

    OfferBoard manages all FINRA and regulatory filings for Reg. D 506c investment documents.

  • Funding/Breaking Escrow

    Once minimums have been met and all documentation has been completed, the OfferBoard broker dealer manages the breaking of Escrow and distribution of dollars according to agreed-upon terms.

  • Project Funded

    Success! Final approvals, project is funded and project execution begins. Depending on requirements set forth during negotiations, either Issuer or Entoro Securities provide quarterly reports to investor(s).

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